Water Taxi Services

Don't waste time paddling out to the breaks. Just let our team know where you want to go or ask for a recommendation based on the tides and current swell. We will drop you or your group off at the desired surf break. Hire for a one way or round trip service.

RATES - One way / Round Trip

Playgrounds - 50.000 / 100.000 Rp. / pax

Lacerations - 100.000 / 150.00 Rp. / pax

No Mans - 100.000 / 150.000 Rp. / pax

Razors - 150.000 / 200.000 Rp. / pax

Shipwrecks - 150.000 / 200.000 Rp. / pax



Great Service!

“Dingo dropped us off at shipwrecks before the crowds and we caught some great waves. After 2 hours of surfing I was very tired and appreciated the ride back to shore.”

— Louis M. - FRANCE

Water taxi is a must.

“We were on Nusa Lembongan for 3 days during a swell with tricky tides and didn't want to waste time paddling the hundreds of meters to and from the breaks. The water taxi service is a huge time saver!”

— Jeffrey L. Canada

Maximize your surf session.

“After surfing for 3 hours, the paddle back would have been dreadful. Why not surf longer?!”

— Marissa K. - UK